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How to Choose a Primary Color for Your Business Website

As you know, a primary color is vitally important part of your brand identity.

Your customer will identify your brand with your brand color.

When it comes to choosing a primary color for your website, you should not pick any random color you like.

Your choice of colors for your website should not be based on what will look cool.

Choose the colors which will help your brand value and build a long-term trust with consumers.

Consider following two methods before finalizing your primary brand color for your business website.

First, you need to know that how color affects emotion.

You may or may not be aware of this, different colors affect our emotions and moods differently.

Examples: Red color triggers love and excitement, White color triggers pease and innocence.

First, you should understand that how your brand color will affect your customers at the emotional level.

Check out this infographic ‘How do colors affect purchases?

Also, check this article about color psychology.

After understanding the color psychology, find out which emotion your brand should target.

For example, many brands offering free services use Blue color to target trust.

Second, understand colors for gender and age group.

Women’s colors preference and men’s colors preference are totally different.

Men prefer blue and brown more and women prefer pink and purple more.

So if your products or services are gender-specific you must choose the color accordingly.

Also, color preference can be varied with the different age groups.

Check out this research: Color Assignments.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a right primary color for your website will help build an emotional connection with your website visitor.

So you just need to understand the color psychology and do little experiments with color choice.

Also, don’t forget to ask for other people opinion about your choice of color.

Finally, share your point of view on this topic in comments below.

Gratitude: My name is Jay and thank you for reading this article.

Rinkal Sharma

Creative Content Architect at RIXOJ. With a deep-rooted passion for content marketing, Rinkal is the driving force behind our ability to craft captivating and impactful content strategies for our clients.

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