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Best Options for Building Free Small Business Website

In this post, we’ll check 2 platforms for building a free small business website.

In today’s time having an online presence is important, even for the smallest business. And when it comes to the online presence for business, a website is the primary option.

Many business owners skip building their business website because of budget issues. But there are platforms where you can get an initial website for free.

These platforms offer a free plan with basic website features. Later you can upgrade your plan for more features.

So if your business is new or budget is a big concern for you, check these following 2 options to build your free website.


Wix is the most popular solution for building a website by your self.

It has simplified the process of making websites so that anyone can do it. It runs in your browser and you can set up your website in minutes with its drag-n-drop system.

You can sign up for free and build your website. And later if you wish, you can upgrade to their premium plans.

Here are some features offered with their all plans.

  • Free Hosting Included
  • Drag-n-Drop Website Builder
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Add text, images, and videos


Weebly is a great alternative to Wix. It’s a very user-friendly system.

Compared to Wix its tools are less advanced and flexible.

Weebly’s user interface is minimalistic and clean compared to Wix. You will find it more easy to use.

Here are some features comes with their free plans.

  • Free Hosting Included
  • Drag-n-Drop Builder
  • 500MB Storage
  • SSL Security
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Capture

Final Thoughts

As you understand that a website is vital for your business. You can choose any of these platforms to build a free small business website.

There is no best option from Wix and Weebly. It’s totally up to your comfort and need for your site.

In our experience, Weebly is more user-friendly and Wix has more features.

Try these tools and share your experience with us. Which tool did you find better for your biz website?

Rinkal Sharma

Creative Content Architect at RIXOJ. With a deep-rooted passion for content marketing, Rinkal is the driving force behind our ability to craft captivating and impactful content strategies for our clients.

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