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5 Powerful Ways to Increase your Website Visitors for Free

So your awesome website is finally ready and live. Now, what next? Next, you need to get people to visit your website.

It might be a case that you don’t want to spend money on online adverting. No worries, there are many other ways you can drive traffic to your website.

Here are 5 powerful ways to increase your website visitors without spending any money.

01 – Regularly publish quality content on your website.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy but it will pay off your efforts well.

Organic search can be your primary traffic source to drive website visitors. Publishing quality content regularly will help your site get into search results.

02 – Optimize your website for search engines.

The web is very competitive medium. Your website will need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to perform better in search results.

You can easily find many SEO best practices online. Do your research and keep your website search engine optimized.

03 – Share your website content on social media.

Nowadays you can’t avoid social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You must use the power of the social media to your advantage. Posting engaging content on social media will be a great strategy.

04 – Share your website content via email newsletters.

Email newsletters are also a great way to share your website content.

There are many email campaigning platforms which offer a free account. MailChimp is a popular one.

05 – Take advantage of online directories and forums.

People often go to online directories to find local businesses. So submitting your website to those online directories will surely drive some traffic.

You should also look for the online forums related to your industry. You can engage with interested people and drop your website link in conversation.

Gratitude: My name is Jay and I am grateful to you for reading this article. Please feel free to share your comments.

Rinkal Sharma

Creative Content Architect at RIXOJ. With a deep-rooted passion for content marketing, Rinkal is the driving force behind our ability to craft captivating and impactful content strategies for our clients.


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